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Petroleum is a miracle substance. With millions of years of solar energy stored in every drop, it enables much of what we most enjoy in life; from plastic toys and mobile phones to the highly complex global systems that feed, shelter, and govern billions of people.

Unfortunately, our unparalleled levels of abundance come with significant side effects, which include awfully scary things like environmental collapse, species extinction and resource wars. 

We don’t have to continue down this highway to hell on earth. Our way of life can be more beautiful and fulfilling than ever, and, importantly, for more of us. But it requires us being much more thoughtful about how and how much we use energy.



Side Effects May VaryOur addiction to oil (and coal and natural gas) comes
with some surprising, and potentially fatal, costs.



Break the AddictionHere are some ways you can get started.


Get Educated

The first step to breaking our fossil fuel addiction is understanding it.


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Only four bullet points, but taking the pledge means you’re ready for an entirely different energy reality.
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